Innovative and
Measures of
Keeping Water in
the Agricultural


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Summary Report

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Innovative Educational Materials

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The Team

Our project


The project consortium

Ministry of agriculture, rural development and environment of Cyprus – Agricultural Research Institute


Universita degli studi di Firenze (UNIFI)


Hof und Leben (HuL)


Asociace soukromého zemědělství České republiky (ASZ ČR)

Czech Republic

European Landowners Organization


On Projects Advising SL



Phone: +420 721 659 287
Email: |
Samcova 1177/1 Prague 1, 11000 Czech Republic

Policy Privacy

Information for the data suject

pursuant to article 13 (1) and (2) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (hereinafter referred to as the “EU Regulation”) 

Responsible of the treatment

Asociace soukromého zemědělství České republiky (ASZ ČR).
Samcova 1177/1. Prague 1, 11000
Czech Republic.

Key contact: Ms Martina Belásová
Phone n.: +420 721 659 287

Purpose of personal data processing

Project Implementation

Project n.: 2020-1-CZ01-KA204-078212
Legal basis for data processing (including description of legal basis):

Act No. 131/2002 Coll. on higher education and on the amedment of certain acts, as amended (international scientific and educational projects)

Legitime interest, if being the legal basis for data processing:

Raising awareness about the project and promoting AGRIWATER in a possitive manner among the public and around Europe.

Category of personal data:

Full name and e-mail contact.

Recipients or categories of recipients:

Employees, students, project participants, the public.

Period for which personal data will be stored or criteria used to determine it:

During the project lifecicle 1/10/2020 to 30/09/2022 and for five years from the payment date of the balance of the project for e-mailing correspondence between the project consortium and visitors to the websites.

Whether the provision of personal data is a statutory or contractual requirements and whether the data subject is obliged to provide the